Rules & Regulations

Las Frio Rio has established rules and regulations to ensure your stay is enjoyable and a memorable experience.  The responsible party and ALL guests shall adhere to these rules. There is a zero tolerance for those not conforming will be asked to vacate the home and/or deny admittance with NO refund and forfeit security deposit.

 Tatanka is a privately owned vacation home and we ask all guests to be respectful of our home.


Our vacation home has a maximum of 34 occupants allowed and will be strictly enforced. Those violating this restriction will be required to vacate will NO refund and forfeit security deposit.  Las Frio Rio reserves the right to deny occupancy or evict and refuse refund to anyone at any time for violation of the rules and regulations. No tent camping, camper type sleepers, RV’s, utility trailers, or horse trailers are allowed on rental property.


Guests may only park in concrete driveway there is additional parking available at Ella Vee park.  There will be NO parking on the streets, vacant lots or grass.  A zero tolerance for those not conforming can be fined or towed away at responsible party’s expense.


Pets are not allowed in this vacation home.  Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction with NO refund  and forfeit the security deposit.


Smoking and vaping is not permitted indoors and if smoking outdoors all cigarette butts  must be picked up and disposed of.  An additional fee will be charged for violation of this rule.


Las Frio Rio is a family-oriented business and offensive language or behavior, use of illegal drugs, underage or excessive drinking will not be tolerated.  Minors are expected to be supervised by adults. Keep noise levels within reason with a quiet time after 11:00 PM. Violation of this rule will result in immediate eviction or fine, as seen fit by property manager.


Discharging of any type of firearm of any kind is not permitted, including BB guns and slingshots.


ATVs, 4 wheelers and dirt bikes  are not allowed.  Golf carts are permissible and must be driven by licensed drivers; no driving allowed on grass or private property.  There is a zero tolerance for minors driving and anyone violating this rule will be fined.


Fires must be built in designated fire pit or BBQ pits and burn bans must be enforced. Fires must not be left unattended and must be put out before leaving.  Firewood is not provided and the cutting of limbs or trees is not permitted.


No fireworks, pinatas,  confetti eggs (cascarones), silly string, glitter paint, sidewalk chalk or citronella candles are allowed.  A clean-up fee of a minimum of $100.00 will be charged and/or may forfeit the security deposit   No tent camping, camper type sleepers, RV’s, utility trailers, or horse trailers are allowed on rental property.  Any type of portable pools or slip and slides are also prohibited.  Glass containers are prohibited at the river or pool areas.


All guests using the swimming pool must obey all rules at the pool. Children must always be accompanied by an adult. Diving or jumping in the pool is prohibited. There is no lifeguard on duty and guests swim at their own risk.


Do not remove and change wiring or change settings on TV’s, stereos, refrigerators or swimming pool.  A $100 fee will be charged to reset equipment and for lost or broken remotes.  No pay per view is available.


The responsible party must report all inoperative and/or missing equipment to property manager immediately so that an attempt can be made to correct the problem as soon as possible.  Items such as HVAC equipment, refrigerator, plumbing, water, or electrical issues will take priority and an authorized repairman, or the property manager and/or employees of agent shall have right of entry. No refunds will be issued due to malfunctioning of equipment, mechanical failures of appliances and electronics, interruption/loss of utilities (including cable).


Any renter/guest found damaging the property will be required to vacate with no refund.  Excess garbage, broken fixtures/furniture, and/or missing or damaged property resulting from gross negligence will result in forfeiture of security deposit or will be required to pay for any additional loss/damage that is not covered by the security deposit.


A $200 fee will be charged per lost key.